Hard-boiled eggs for Easter decorating right way step by step

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Hard-boiled eggs for Easter decorating right way step by step

Easter is upon us. If it was any closer than right now, the Easter Bunny would be rummaging through our produce draw for carrots. Don’t forget to leave a carrot out tonight for him. Wait a minute, that’s Christmas and the reindeer… Nevermind.

Forgot about Easter eggs but have the kit? Cool. Want to hard boil the eggs correctly? Don’t sweat it.

See below:
  • 1. Fill a medium saucepan with water.
  • 2. Choose 6 eggs (more if you’re feeling ambitious) and place gently in saucepan. Make sure there is some room between the eggs and water covers all eggs.
  • 3. Place on low to medium heat and bring water to gentle, rolling boil. Let eggs boil for approximately 5 to 7 minutes. The key is that you don’t want the eggs to bounce off the sides of the pan and crack.
  • 4. Turn off heat and add cool water to pot so you can remove the eggs. Be careful. If water is still hot, take eggs gently out of pot with tongs.
  • 5. Place eggs in a separate bowl of cool water – a couple of ice cubes can quicken process - until they’re cold.
  • 6. Dry thoroughly and you're ready to rock.

The Brevard Times wisely reminds readers not to place their cooked eggs back into the egg carton where salmonella may be present. Wash the egg carton with soap and water if you wish to use while decorating. See their article for more tips to avoid salmonella.

The Times also reports that according to CDC standards, boiled eggs should be dyed immediately. The heat helps to absorb dye and helps the drying process. Boiled eggs should be refrigerated within 30 minutes, which makes this an easy and quick project for kids.

And a personal tip: Get creative with your dyes. For instance, take a drop of food coloring directly to the surface of a dyed egg and resubmerge into the dye. The effect will be a cool tie-dye pattern.


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